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Fevered anti-property investor emotions have been a prominent feature of this property cycle. At the peak of the market, investors were vilified as responsible for the sky-rocketing house prices which were keeping first home buyers out of the market. They were also widely maligned as slum landlords forcing tenants to

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What’s Driving House Prices?
November sales nationwide were the highest for 164 months, while Auckland saw the highest annual increase in sales for 14 years. Year-on-year, sales were up by 29.6% nationwide and by 53.9% in Auckland. Rates continue to go down, with HSBC offering
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To Learn More:
To learn more about the current property market and strategies that are effective, I invite you to attend GRA’s 7-module Property School course ( Or, if you’d like a free taste of what Property School is all
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Change Of Structure
Matthew Gilligan is a property investor, developer and tax adviser. He is managing director of chartered accounting firm Gilligan Rowe & Associates, where he heads the specialist property and asset planning divisions. Bernard is principal of Quinovi