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With nearly three quarters of UK adults feeling stressed and under pressure, we could all use some unusual ways to get rid of our unwanted worries. Here are some of the weird and

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Your Dilemmas
My daughter is 35 and she’s very overweight. I want to say something to her about it as I’m concerned about her health, but my friends say I’ll hurt her feelings and she’s an adult. Should I just leave it until she comes to me? Paula, Surrey  Pick Me
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Run out of series to watch? Here are a few everyone's raving about! Tiger King – Netflix - Murder, mayhem and madness – three words that accurately describe this gripping Netflix documentary. Telling the surreal and unique story of larger than life
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Off Your high Horse
Brushing my new horse's mane, I stroked the lightning bolt of white hair down his head. Henry was a calm, gentle giant. Compared to Belle – our new feisty, hazel beauty. Last November, me and my partner, Matthew, 34, trained horses for racing and had