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A Portrait of Resilience

Over the years, I have spent time exploring the Berkeley flatlands, painting the ever-changing urban landscape,” says Barbara Tapp. “After a

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Plein Air Grand Marais Pivots And Thrives
Organizing events where people gather in groups has been a challenge in 2020, but the nature of painting outdoors has provided plein air events a unique opportunity. For this year’s Plein Air Grand Marais, the rules were changed so that participating
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DEMONSTRATION: Establishing Intent
“When I settle on a subject to paint, the first thing I do is spend time taking it in,” says Philippe Gandiol. “I am wide open, letting my eyes travel through the scene, and my heart and soul get the mood of the moment. Then I decide on a title, in t
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Artists Take Home Prizes In Colorado
Judge of Awards for the Plein Air Artists Colorado 24th Annual event Frank LaLumia presented Best of Show to Jenifer Cline for Attendance; First Place Signature to Peggy Immel for Pink and Blue; First Place Associate to Scott Ruthven for Care Free Su