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Make yourself less trackable


of my geeky habits is checking the log of an app I have called Disconnect. It analyses my data traffic and identifies and blocks tracking systems, recording what it does along the way. Usually after I search for something or use a Google product, under Disconnect’s Recent Trackers, I’ll see ‘.’ DoubleClick is a Google company that helps direct advertisements to

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4-year/120 000 km warranty 6-year/90 000 km service plan Double-cab XL from R462 900 Sport Pack R16 500 ford.co.za THE FORD Ranger XL is now available with an optional ‘Sport Pack’, which plugs a gap in the line-up. I admit, it was quite a narrow gap
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Make Your Own Wedge-based Bar Clamps
YOU’LL NEVER hear a woodworker say that they have enough clamps in their workshop. Such a scenario just doesn’t exist. Clamps are essential, coming in many diverse sizes and configurations for everything we build. From creating large table tops to ch
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Popular Mechanics South Africa
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