February 2005

“If the Republicans started aggressively trying to overturn or to outlaw all legal protections for same-sex couples, it would likely alienate many moderates—particularly if national security became a less prominent issue, or a less advantageous one for the GOP. Meanwhile, a pro-choice, pro–gay rights Republican in the Arnold Schwarzenegger mold would lose some ‘values voters’ who would either switch to a more conservative third-party candidate

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The Equity Mess
TWO DAYS BEFORE the 2020 election, Kamala Harris could have picked from any number of campaign themes. The number of COVID-19 cases had doubled over the previous month. At home, violent crime was up; abroad, negotiations with the Taliban over U.S. wi
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VOLUME 53, NO. 2 Editor in Chief Katherine Mangu-Ward (kmw@, Publisher Mike Alissi (, Editors at Large Nick Gillespie (gillespie@, Matt Welch (, Managing Editor Stephanie Slade (sslade@
Reason3 min gelesenPolitics
An $86 Billion Moral Hazard
THE $1.9 TRILLION emergency spending bill Congress passed in early March was full of items that had little to do with the COVID-19 pandemic, the ostensible justification for the package. Perhaps the most indefensible provision was an $86 billion bail