February 2005

“If the Republicans started aggressively trying to overturn or to outlaw all legal protections for same-sex couples, it would likely alienate many moderates—particularly if national security became a less prominent issue, or a less advantageous one for the GOP. Meanwhile, a pro-choice, pro–gay rights Republican in the Arnold Schwarzenegger mold would lose some ‘values voters’ who would either switch to a more conservative third-party candidate

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The Era of Small Government Is Over
IT WAS A full quarter-century ago when President Bill Clinton delivered one of the few quotable State of the Union addresses in American history. “The era of big government is over,” he proclaimed on January 23, 1996. It was more of a political state
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Economic Lessons From Covid-19
ONE OF THE most important things economists can do in a pandemic is not forget what we know. We know that central planners don’t have enough information and insight about the lives and activities of 330 million people to plan those lives in a thought
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Though Liftoff’s subtitle is Elon Musk and the Desperate Early Days That Launched SpaceX, it’s much more about the latter than the former, and thank goodness. Musk is a fascinating character and the “Avengers assemble!” early chapters on the hiring o