(For more on this, read our feature on the topic in Issue 42.) But even among brown liquor brands, some raise their head above the crowd for raw patriotism and love of all things free. Daniel

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Laser Tactics
We’ve all heard about the dangers faced by cops facing off with laser pointer-wielding protesters throughout the second half of 2020. But, as much as lasers are an everyday threat to warfighters and law enforcement officers, they’ve also become a val
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Always Looking Forward
Coming up with fresh ideas to protect servicemembers and first responders is hard, turning them into practical products is harder. Few companies do both, and fewer do it well, yet Revision sits in a coveted position at the nexus of national defense l
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Beat The Freeze
Resolute Bay, Nunavut, is far from a tourist town. The Inuit hamlet in the high Canadian Arctic has an average yearly temperature of 4 degrees. In the winter months, a reading of-30 surprises nobody. Wind chills bring it down to-70. “It’s very hard t