n this issue, we address one of the frequent criticisms leveled at us — that of only featuring high-end kit. In case you missed it, our cover gun is perhaps the lowest of the low, without resorting to brands such as Jennings, Lorcin, and Hi-Point, which also manage to turn out products that occasionally make loud noises. Our AR-15 is just the kind of thing to give pants-wetting politicians

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Baja 500 E-ticket Ride
It’s no surprise that many gun owners are also interested in off-roading. Beside the obvious shared interest in ingenious mechanical marvels, the ability to confidently traverse the untamed wilderness has great appeal to those who value self-reliance
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Government Surplus
Back in Issue 35, we ran a Build-sheet on editor Dave Merrill’s recreation of his Marine Corps Issue M16A4, circa 2004. We’ve decided to revisit the theme of cloning one’s military service rifle with a rebuild of my own Army-issued M4, carried on a o
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Getting New Guts
In the United States, silencers are somewhat special even among NFA items. It’s a consumable item that’ll eventually be worn out with enough use. And even if that silencer is kept in good condition, it still degrades in relative performance as newer,