n this issue, we address one of the frequent criticisms leveled at us — that of only featuring high-end kit. In case you missed it, our cover gun is perhaps the lowest of the low, without resorting to brands such as Jennings, Lorcin, and Hi-Point, which also manage to turn out products that occasionally make loud noises. Our AR-15 is just the kind of thing to give pants-wetting politicians

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Compliant But Capable
One of RECOIL’s staffers lives behind the iron curtain, in sunny California. You might be surprised by how many shooters live in the state, despite its aggressively freedom-hating political leadership. Years ago, he bought a SIG Sauer M400 rifle that
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Leveraged For Survival
Getting stranded by a broken plane in the rugged wilds of the North American backcountry can leave a person feeling a bit unprepared. “I spend a lot of time in Canada and Alaska flying in bush planes, and at one time, not long ago, Canada required bu
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Diamond In The Rough
You’ve heard of Diamondback. For many, the name brings forth visions of cheap .380 handguns you may find in a purse. And Diamondback intends to change that. Sure, they make ARs too, but everyone makes an AR-15. So when someone told us we should check