Hidden in Plain Sight

The term “gray man” has been around for a long time and basically references an individual who can blend into his or her surroundings to not draw attention for reasons of individual security or operational success in a more tactical/professional setting. I started as a novice in 2000 and have been receiving training from the U.S. government ever since in low-vis and clandestine operations. After 17 years, I

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The Secluded Strength Program
Imagine, if you will, there’s an outbreak of a virus threatening the lives of millions of people, and the only way to stop the spread is to stay indoors and not interact with the general public. “Stay in your homes,” we’re told. Well, not being able
RECOIL OFFGRID19 min gelesenPopular Culture & Media Studies
What If?
In Issue 28 of RECOIL OFFGRID, we wrote a feature on Operation: Dark Winter (ODW) — a senior-level government exercise from June 2001 that simulated a bioterrorism attack in the United States using smallpox as its agent of choice. Its findings were d
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Recoil Offgrid
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