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Paper Tiger

This short but punchy report by two former newspaper editors is a sad story of the disappointment at the decline of explains how it unfolded. It’s not all about the ‘Bad Doctor’. Karima Brown, Survé’s political commissar dressed in ANC regalia while pretending to be politically objective, is also lambasted, as are senior executives who looked the other way while the destructive forces did their work. Oh it is a sad tale indeed, but fascinating. Alide Dasnois and Chris Whitfield Peter Sullivan Tafelberg R260 978-0-62408-717-5

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Author Interview
“They were both smokers, Adcock and Heine [Neil Adcock and Peter Heine, South Africa’s fast-bowling partnership in the 50s]. I remember them playing for Transvaal, stubbing out their fags on the rope before going in to bowl. I don’t know how they did
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Cowboys Never Cry
He rides effortlessly through flat, red, open grassland towards the white sandstone bluffs of the Great Escarpment, a skilled horseman, rancher, adventurer and true-to-life African cowboy who sits a horse like he was born there. This observation is n
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Editor’s Note
There’s been a Covid-19 information overload on our phones and computers, relating to everything under the sun about the virus ff non-stop news updates peppered with wonderful photographs, humour, poetry, and plenty of pretty frightening stuff in bet