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The New World
What shape is the Earth in at the beginning of this movie? ■ The genie is out of the bottle with the creatures. Mankind is aware this is a new reality. They are not being hidden any more. Everybody knows. Obviously when you have this level of devasta
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Under The Blue
274 pages | Hardback/ebook ▶ Author Oana Aristide ▶ Publisher Serpent’s Tail Okay, so this may seem far-fetched, but what if, in the year 2020, a pandemic swept the globe – a highly infectious virus that attacks the lungs? How would we cope? This sce
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Different Stroke
What kind of preparation did you have to do to approach playing Deathstroke? I am into research. The thing about it is, I don’t think there is one comic book series that helped me understand who that character was. Most of the stories were very comic