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• 2 mallard breasts• 4 large carrots• 50g butter• 100ml orange juice• 20ml double cream• 100g granulated• 100ml sherry vinegar• 200ml orange juice• 300ml reduced chicken stock• 1 orange, split into segments• 1tsp Marmite• 1 fennel bulb, sliced

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Reports, Results, Comment And News
The committee of the International Gundog League (IGL) Retriever Society has decided to cancel the 2020 IGL Retriever Championship due to COVID-19. The event was due to be held at Ampton in Suffolk by permission of Peter and Charlie Rushbrook between
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It’s remarkable how some people never seem to learn, for example Roger Hallam, Jay Tiernan and Paul O’Donoghue, whose individual lack of self-awareness is only matched by the crass ignorance of their actions. Hallam was a co-founder of Extinction Reb
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Finding Our Way
At the time of writing, the COVID-19 pandemic is still with us. It may not be as bad as it was, but the situation may yet deteriorate once more. Elements of the Government’s lockdown strategy remain and, in certain regions, areas and specific locatio