Classic Boat

It’s true, I like small boats

cannot tell a lie (or to put it another way, I can but have never been much good at it); truth is, I like small boats best. And in order to discover your favourite subject, the test for readers is simple: to what do you turn first? Or more to the point, what do you leave to savour last? Tall ships, the restoration of a Robert Clark 60ft cruising yacht, or maybe

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Classic Boat3 min gelesen
Classic Misuse Of A Word
Every so often a magazine other than this one arrives in the wooden letter box, up the stony track that leads down to Burnside Cottage. At the moment that entails a 200-yard trudge through deep snow, and one year the snow was so deep I had to borrow
Classic Boat2 min gelesen
Wood Planing Stop & Bench Dogs
BY ROBIN GATES Half the secret of planing the face of a small board successfully is securing the work – the other half is using a well-tuned hand plane. The basic set-up is to butt the end of the board against a low planing stop with its far edge sup
Classic Boat5 min gelesen
A Round-up Of The Latest BOOKS
BY AYLWARD EDWARD DINGLE One of the more obscure sailing classics out there but worth a read if you can get hold of a copy. The is the ‘autobiography’ of the wonderfully named Aylward Dingle, journalist and sailor who, after much adventure (misadvent