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What happens to the body in space?

The human body, while perfectly suited to conditions on Earth, wouldn’t fare quite so well when exposed to the conditions in space. To protect it,

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AR Zone !
Scan the QR code with your device’s camera or download a free QR code reader app. Many iPhone and Android devices include a QR reader When you see the AR ZONE! logo at the top of a page, use your phone to scan the QR code, which looks like this H
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Hatching Mammal Eggs
Echidnas are weaned at around six months old, weighing around two kilograms, and will leave the burrow. Echidnas reach sexual maturity between five and 12 years old. After ten days of incubating in a shell, the still-undeveloped foetus emerges from t
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5 Facts About Almost-extinct Species
There are only 74 wild individuals left in the world, which live on the Indonesian island of Java. These armoured giants once roamed throughout Asia and northeast India just 150 years ago. Nesting in the dense forests of the Congo Basin, mountain g