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ature can play an integral role in well-being. Ensconcing oneself in a calming environment can lead to transcendental meditation experiences, while embracing honors its roots by acting as a center for vitality as achieved through healing arts and nature. Located on a historic property built in 1921, Shangri-La Springs is home to the same natural spring for which the town of Bonita Springs was named, as well as a massive Mysore Fig tree that is the largest of its kind in Florida.

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In Focus
WHAT: Naples Tables SUP-PORTS: The League Club’s mission to strengthen communities through fellowship, education, volunteerism, and philanthropy. WHERE: The Ritz-Carlton Golf Resort, Naples. The event was sponsored by Naples Illustrated. WHAT: Friend
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Naples Illustrated
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Invasion Of The TIFFINS
The tiffins have invaded Naples, but don’t panic: They’re not fire-breathing dragons from Middle-earth. Native to the cuisine of India, a tiffin is a series of circular, stainless-steel containers (usually four) that are stacked and used to deliver m