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Build an audiobook streaming server

Everyone loves a good book, and what better way to consume them than by audiobook? They’re the perfect companion for long journeys or when you need background noise. Everyone knows Audible of course, but what about those of us who’ve diligently built up our own audiobook collection CD, subsequently ripped to hard drive and diligently tagged by hand using a tool like EasyTag (see LXF256)?

While it’s possible – with some difficulty – to incorporate audiobooks into existing music and media streaming systems, why not set up your own), a specially adapted version of Subsonic that’s been designed specifically for audiobooks.

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Important Notice!
DEFECTIVE DISCS: For basic help on running the disc or in the unlikely event of your Linux Format coverdisc being in any way defective, please visit our support site at Unfortunately, we’re unable to offer advice on us
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