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Our bungalow is like THE TARDIS’

Struck by the 1950s bungalow’s potential, Rachel and Jonathan Kohler snapped up this property after their first viewing in November 2011. ‘The house hadn’t been decorated since the 1970s – all the walls were covered in flock wallpaper and flowery carpets ran throughout the house,’ says Rachel.

‘But I loved the high ceilings and the fact that underneath the carpets were original floorboards. I could see it would make the perfect home for us. The sale went through smoothly and when we moved in, we prioritised replacing the old kitchen and bathroom, then redecorated throughout. But five years later, we faced a dilemma. We’d just had our second child and were desperate for

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Rebekah’s palette of chalky oranges and pinks on a monochrome backdrop has created a modern yet serene scheme. Untreated wood in the form of a reclaimed timber dining table and plywood shelves contrasts with textured cushions and throws, drawing insp
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‘It Had To Be Full OF COLOUR!’
Taking on a house in the Hampshire countryside that hadn’t been touched for years was a huge project,’ says Carla. ‘At one stage it was a hotel, so we knew there was a lot to do. Originally we kept a foothold in London and came down at weekends, but