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WE are used to thinking of ‘firing’ toy guns (notably cap guns) as a modern phenomenon, perhaps arising from popular culture around the theme of the American ‘Old West’ and only enabled by the invention of percussion ignition at the beginning of the 19th century. In reality, toy firearms are very old indeed, dating back to the Elizabethan

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Where Dreams Come True
IN PARTNERSHIP WITH To complete a Macnab – a salmon, a stag and a brace of grouse – between dawn and dusk requires a combination of factors. A skilled sportsman or woman with immeasurable grit and determination is essential, but there would be little
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Boosts To Tree Planting In England
In December, DEFRA announced two initiatives to boost tree planting across England this year. A £12.1m fund aims to plant more than 500 hectares in 10 Community Forests, while £3.9m will be used to establish new ways of planting trees in cities, town
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A Cheesy Touch
THIS month, I am celebrating some of the incredible cheeses we produce here in the UK and encourage you to discover local variations to use in these recipes. The schnitzel burger requires a brie or camembert-style cheese, such as Tunworth (Hampshire