Robert Plant’s latest gang are the quietest act at this riotous pan-global celebration

DEFIANT carnival of rainbow-coloured multiculturalism, WOMAD has always been a bigger, richer, stranger affair than its caricatured image as a tasteful ethno-fusion picnic for Waitrose hippies. Indeed, in a good year like this, it can feel like the most adventurous and experimental festival of the summer, putting more self-consciously eclectic hipster events to shame. Any definition of “world music” that includes deliciously grainy soul-pop torch songs, thunderous widescreen Rothkowigging out, and Welsh-Cornish singer teaching the crowd cheese-based revolutionary slogans definitely reflects a generosity of spirit that makes for a great festival.

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Sleeve Notes
2 Hard On Everyone 3 Birds On A Feeder 4 Simple Math 5 Options Open 6 Feelings Fade 7 Fools Ride 8 Ashes To Ashes 9 Who Rescued Who 10 Take It With You Produced by: Jim Bryson, Ian Fitchuk and Kathleen Edwards Recorded at: Moxe, W
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“I Still Feed On My Enemies”
“IS a good day,” pronounces Frederick “Toots” Hibbert breezily, calling Uncut from his studio in Kingston. “Is good here all the time.” It’s precisely the kind of blunt positivity we’ve come to expect from the man who has been fronting the mighty May
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Siren Songs
IT is September 1970, and Tim Buckley is hunkered down in Whitney Studios, Glendale, California, recording the album that he later came to believe was his masterpiece – Starsailor. The music he and his musicians are making is extraordinary, an unprec