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to have his life revived not once, but twice—the dire effects of sky-high blood sugar levels from life-threatening type 1 diabetes—Joshua Turner knew he was on borrowed time. Suffering from morbid obesity as well as a host of other ailments

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OAT Of This World
Staff fave Chamele on Cold-Brew Cold brew was the trend of 2018. Oat milk dominated 2019. And in 2020, the two are coming together and getting a touch of sweet maple goodness for an irresistible latte we have stocked and at the ready. Crack open a ca
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The Buzz on CBD
Unless you’ve been on a social media fast, odds are that you’ve heard of a little plant-based phenom by the name of CBD. These three little letters are the official nickname for cannabidiol—a non-addictive, non-buzzy compound found in hemp and mariju
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Qs About ZZZs, p.82 Where I live: Topanga, CA Veg for: 10 years Go-to smoothie: Spinach, romaine, celery, apple, pear, banana, and lemon All-time favorite dessert: Dark chocolate in all forms! Dream travel destination: An African safari with my famil