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Treat opportunities opening up before you as confidential. Avoid confiding in someone to whom you’ve often told your deepest, darkest secrets—it could rob you of the chance to improve your position, status, or lifestyle.

LUCKY DAY 4th—taking a philosophical approach to problems brings clarity.



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Harper's Bazaar India2 min gelesenFashion & Beauty
Space Age Fashion
This season, designers looked to the heavens for inspiration. While they’ve always been fascinated by galaxies far, far away, recent events including India’s Chandrayaan-2 rover mission; the 50th anniversary of the Apollo 11 moon landing; Elon Musk a
Harper's Bazaar India2 min gelesen
Breaking Barriers
In Indian craft and fashion, the image of Gandhi has been brandished, and, some would say, over-used to the point of meaninglessness. Less so, if at all, the image of Ambedkar. The great leader who converted to Buddhism in order to escape the inherit
Harper's Bazaar India3 min gelesenFashion & Beauty
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A Agrajain www.agrajjain.com AKHL Delhi (075069 67917) Alaïa at net-a-porter.com Alena Ahkmadullina www.alenaahkmadullina.ru Alexander McQueen www.alexandermcqueen.com Alexandre Vauthier www.alexandrevauthier.com Alia Mouzannar @aliamouzannar AM:PM w