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Nahko Bear
Nahko Bear’s songwriting could be described in any number of ways, but one way to think of it is as storytelling in pursuit of self discovery and communal healing. Whether his compositions are pared down and presented on acoustic guitar or delivered
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After The Gold Rush
Longtime Drag City artist Bill Callahan has announced the release of his seventh album, Gold Record, under his own name. Callahan, who previously recorded under the name Smog, released his last project l£~«£~›}9b'‰Z9l£~~«fi›/'9o~fifl in 2019. The alb
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20 Chords You Need To Know
If you’ve recently starting playing guitar, you’ve probably already tried some of the most common open chords (so called because they include un-fretted or ‘open’ strings). If you’ve got the basics covered, the variations shown here should inspire yo