Half the Road

o follow women’s professional cycling in 2019 is to be an advocate for the sport. Across the peloton, female riders regularly take to social media to call out inequality, and to push for better pay, more days of racing, and safer racing conditions.

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RIDER A British-born American racer, Ruth Winder has achieved sucess on the track and the road. She won the U.S. national road title in 2019, and since nationals was canceled in 2020, she is wearing the stars and stripes for 2021, too. Rumors spread
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Just like tire width and bike selection, component options for gravel just keep expanding. For spring 2021, Shimano, SRAM, and Campagnolo all have groupsets that work very well for gravel riding and racing. Shimano and SRAM have double-ring options,
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$5,000 TO $11,000 $5,000 AS SHOWN WITH SHIMANO ULTEGRA Is it a race bike with comfort features or an endurance bike with aero characteristics? Yes. The Caledonia-5 blends stable handling designed for racing Paris-Roubaix with a whopping 34mm tire cle