Train the Gut


or events that are 2.5 hours or longer, consume 90 grams of mixed carbohydrates per hour. “It can be tolerated, maybe not by everyone, certainly not the first time,

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Women’s gravel
RIDER VeloNews senior editor Betsy Welch has done more adventure riding and gravel racing than the rest of the staff put together. The Colorado Trail, DK/Unbound, Spirit World 100, riding to Steamboat Springs from Boulder and back with just a tiny ba
Velonews2 min gelesenAutomotive
Fit And Feel(s)
My wife just bought a bike, a $600 Liv Alight, from a local shop. She wanted to make sure she liked how it looked, and I wanted to make sure it fit her. We both came away happy. When shopping for a high-end bike, it is easy to go down various rabbit
Velonews2 min gelesenAutomotive
Understanding And Using Stack And Reach
As bicycles have become lighter and more aerodynamic, their dimensions have become harder to measure. When bikes had horizontal top tubes and stems, measuring the length of a bike’s seat tube, top tube, and stem was easy and useful. Nowadays, sloping