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Mindful Miles

, then came the run retreat (a getaway dedicated to miles). Now? There’s a growing amount of interest among runners to support mileage in a way that’s not one or the other—all about fitness and conditioning or all about sitting still and meditating, says Elinor Fish, founder and CEO of Run Wild Retreats, a company that

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Factors that Affect Your Sleep Quality
Assuring a good night’s sleep starts the minute you wake up, or even earlier. That’s because you have a powerful internal 24-hour “clock” that affects your behavior and bodily functioning, including digestion, body temperature, and the sleep-wake pat
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Keep Your Tank Full
Right before toeing the line for my first cross-country state meet, my coach brought our team into a huddle and pulled out a black marker. He told us that today our only task was to “empty the tank.” “Don’t leave one ounce of energy in your being whe
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The Power of Zzz’s
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