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How to Pitch So You Don’t Get Ghosted

Whether you want to write a first-person essay, how-to, reported piece, or profile, a good pitch letter with a great spin on a topic, timely element, newsy connection, or an unusual personal experience will capture the attention of an assigning editor. That’s no easy feat.

Editors receive hundreds of pitches a day. I should know. I’ve been the editor-in-chief of five national consumer publications, and I work as a guest editor for Narratively, a digital publication. I’m a widely published writing coach and I created a two-week bootcamp pitching class for Writer’s Digest University. Throughout the years, I’ve learned

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Wdu Writer's Digest University
Whether you’re writing for publication, extra money, or to tell personal stories, Writer’s Digest University can help you get your writing career underway. Our expert instructors will provide advice, specific instruction, real-world experience, exper