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his building and exploring game not only allows players to give their creativity full rein, but it also provides a means of acquiring and

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Xbox To Hog The E3 Limelight
Microsoft was always going to have a stormer of an E3 this year. With Xbox Series X shaping up to be the most powerful console of all time (by a distance), and heavy hitters like Halo Infinite set to dominate the end of 2020, the Redmond firm was nev
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Immortal Planet
PUBLISHER MONSTER COUCH / DEVELOPER TEEDOUBLEUGAMES, MONSTER COUCH / RELEASE DATE OUT NOW / COST £12.49 /$14.99 Below the surface of a cold, forgotten world, lies a labyrinth filled with dark secrets. This world is the titular Immortal Planet. Dare
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PUBLISHER XBOX GAME STUDIOS DEVELOPER ASOBO STUDIO DUE 2020 Our excitement for this ambitious flight sim is climbing even higher, thanks to some newly released footage. Still looking gorgeous, we see sweeping views of snow covering a bunch of iconi