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WHICHEVER WAY you look at it, DHL’s turnaround from the brink of bankruptcy in 2008 to the world class performer it is today, makes a fascinating story. However, without doubt, it’s a story best seen through the eyes of the mastermind behind that seemingly impossible transformation – the remarkable Ken Allen. The former CEO of DHL Express is a no-nonsense Yorkshireman who rose from humble beginnings to reach the pinnacle of his industry, and his career, as CEO of DHL – the world’s most international company. As an expression of his drive to share his business insights, his passion for DHL, and his personal experiences, Allen penned – a book that reveals how he went about transforming what was a loss-making mega-brand into a global success. Jacketed in the familiar DHL yellow, this book is is a celebration of this milestone, and of its inspirational global business story. In the words of Jeff Ward of global management consultancy A.T. Kearney, “Ken Allen delivered one of the biggest turnarounds in transportation industry history.” If you’re in business and you have a global outlook, you can’t afford not to read his book.

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