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How to get your website to rank in Google’s Featured Snippets

Let’s start with ‘what is a Featured Snippet?’ Featured Snippets are search results which give answers to people’s questions directly within the Google search results page, without the user having to click through to an actual website. Google decides what will be shown, and extracts that content from a webpage. The featured snippet will include some content, a

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Invoice Financing On Trend For Managing Cashflow
Invoice financing, or advancing funds against a business’s accounts receivable, has been transformed by technology to become a valuable tool for small business cashflow management. “Traditionally invoice finance has been clunky, a mission to implemen
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Transformative Program For Women In Business
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Dealing With Bullying And Harassment
Lately I’ve heard a number of client stories about their experience of harassment or bullying – either as the alleged victim, alleged perpetrator, or the employer attempting to respond to it. The alleged behaviour complained of varies and includes: •