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I am somewhat addicted to code cracker puzzles and whenever I hit a problem where I can’t see a solution, I duck out for a few mental moments – complete a puzzle – and then come

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NZBusiness and Management3 min gelesen
High Performers: The Key To A Great Customer Experience
We all know how high performing teams help a business succeed. Yet for some reason, we often focus our efforts on those who are struggling. But what would happen to your customer experience if you focused on building up your high performers instead o
NZBusiness and Management3 min gelesen
Leveraging (and Loving) That Village Vibe
It has a butcher, a baker, it even has a candlestick maker – all deemed essential services and therefore able to operate during the Covid lockdowns – and it’s one of a number of reasons why Auckland’s Birkenhead Village, aka the Highbury Shopping Cen
NZBusiness and Management4 min gelesenPsychology
Keep Calm And Lead On
Uncertainty affects us all, particularly business leaders. You’re having to deal with the personal ramifications of ongoing uncertainty for yourself and your family, as well as the workplace responsibilities of keeping the business afloat and support