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I am somewhat addicted to code cracker puzzles and whenever I hit a problem where I can’t see a solution, I duck out for a few mental moments – complete a puzzle – and then come

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NZBusiness and Management3 min gelesen
Data Business Moves From ‘Start-up’ To ‘Stay-up’
Christchurch-based location data business Orbica uses satellites to locate and record what lies beneath the earth’s surface. The company is gearing up for a SaaS product launch in the US after adding new staff to its New Zealand and Berlin offices th
NZBusiness and Management2 min gelesen
Technology: A Vapourised Hydrogen Peroxide Robot
Hong Kong’s MTR Corporation, which runs the territory’s underground railway network, is deploying a new “vapourised hydrogen peroxide robot” to enhance disinfection of its stations and trains. The company is also introducing a dedicated surgical face
NZBusiness and Management2 min gelesen
Say ‘Bula!’ To Fiji’s Finest Organics
Right now Fiji’s organic products sector is fizzing, and for good reason. The Fiji Trade Commission to Australia and New Zealand is charged with opening pathways for Fijian products into AU and NZ markets. Peter Rudd, Manager Trade and Investment (NZ