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About The Author… Rebecca Serle
She lives in New York, is the author of six novels and also writes for TV. This novel was inspired by… “A lifelong interest in the dialogue between fate and free will. How much is in our control and how much will happen no matter what we do? My last
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Stumped For A Snack Idea?
Tasti Snak Logs, which are still proudly made in New Zealand, has a yummy new flavour – White Choc & Raspberry. Made with a combination of healthy oats, seeds and fruit, and dipped in creamy white chocolate, the recipe is both fueling and tasty! Othe
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Alison’s Our Top Choice!
More than 50 years after she first graced our TV screens, Dame Alison Holst is still everywhere. Whether you’re picking up a packet of her sausage rolls for a BBQ – or, as is more likely at the moment, a snack for telly watching – or you’re scooping