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Two-year curse? Seven-year itch? We’ve all heard about the sexual slumps that might happen to couples in a relationship, and many of us have experienced it too. Most couples who have been together a long time have most likely experienced a time when sex just wasn’t as exciting as it was before or that sex became a bit too routine and boring. And unfortunately, ‘spicing things up’ with sex toys isn’t always going to cut it! What’s often needed is to take a more

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GAME SET MATCH The Story of Jorge Paulo Lemann
Born in 1939, Lemann was the son of Swiss immigrants who had moved from Switzerland to Brazil. His father, Paul Lemann had founded the dairy manufacturing company known as Leco, the reins of which Jorge would take over some time in the future. While
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Monster Beema
For the past fifteen years, BMW’s hottest 1 Series has been powered by a 3.0-liter straight six sending power to the rear wheels. The only evolution to that format was the introduction of turbocharging from the 130i to the 135i. Looking at the new M1
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Master Of The Cards
Jason Ladanye is a professional, award-winning sleight-of-hand entertainer who has performed card magic all around the world for the last twenty years. He specializes in corporate events, trade shows, and private parties for Fortune 500 companies. Ja