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Carsten Lund Pedersen is a postdoc at the Department of Strategy and Innovation at Copenhagen Business School in Denmark where he researches strategy, employee autonomy, and business development in a digital age. He is also the author of “Applied Autonomy: A Practical Guide to Employee Autonomy.”

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The European Business Review8 min gelesenMotivational
Sex And Money: Do Men And Women Use Money Differently
Do men and women, think about, use and invest money differently? If so why? Dare one go there? One has to be very courageous, misguided or foolhardy to wander into the “sex difference”, now rebranded the “gender similarity”, research area. Or would i
The European Business Review1 min gelesen
About the Author
Dr.Dr.hc. (mult) PETER LORANGE, Chairman, Lorange Network, Emeritus President IMD (Lausanne). After having sold his shipping company in 2006, Peter has been regarded as one of the world’s foremost business school academics, holding the position of Pr
The European Business Review3 min gelesenPsychology
How To Manage The Reputation Of Your Business During The Pandemic
Reputation is an invaluable intangible asset that impacts on how your staff, customers and other key stakeholders perceive your organisation. This is not superficial because reputation influences the behaviour of others and therefore the resilience,