Turning genealogy into a career

Wherever in the world you are conducting research, the same basic qualities apply: any professional genealogist should have ethics, knowledge, skill and experience. Additionally, they should strive to obtain professional credentials to be able to conduct competent research on behalf of clients. They also guarantee clients redress if they are unhappy with the services.

The credentials relevant to Australia and New Zealand are provided by the Australasian Association of Genealogists and Record Agents (AAGRA). Becoming a part of this

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A Pioneer Printing Family
Australia’s convict history has always fascinated me. Sitting in history class, I was captivated by the stories of those transported to the other side of the world, sometimes just for stealing a handkerchief or a piece of cheese. I was shocked by the
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Navigating History On Screen
I love devouring ‘creative interpretations’ of history, watching theatre, film and television dramas set in the past, and reading historical fiction. I’ve found that unpicking why filmmakers might have made certain choices can be a useful tool in the
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Influenza Pandemic Of 1919
The Great War was still raging when the first signs of the flu began to appear. The distance and slow transport meant that Australian authorities had time to consider their options while the epidemic spread through other countries. The Australian Gov