Delving deeper into your ancestry

Caroline, you completed the Diploma of Family History at the University of Tasmania. Tell us about your experience studying this course.

I commenced the inaugural unit of the diploma, Introduction to Family History, in 2016. At that time, I had been researching my family history in an ad hoc fashion for about five years, primarily using

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Worth A Thousand Words
The well-known adage ‘A picture is worth a thousand words’ is the premise of an exciting new online exhibition that places the public at the centre of the curatorial journey. ‘A Thousand Words’ marks the first collaboration between two of Australia’s
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The Life And Times Of John Patrick Dwyer
John Patrick Dwyer could justifiably have rallied against the fate that orphaned him in a wild place at six years of age, burdened his life with type 1 diabetes and deprived him of children. Yet, he seems to have reserved any anger for collegial medi
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What’s That Thingamajig?
Answer: ‘Compressed air’ manual washing machine Created around 1879, the ‘compressed air’ manual washing machine was a fine piece of domestic technology, and it was made in Melbourne! Dirty clothes were placed in the unit with hot water, soap and was