A Guide to Greater Fort Lauderdale’s Thriving Food Scene

ravings are at the root of why people travel. Booking a trip stems from a strong desire to experience something new. While in Greater Fort Lauderdale, you can lounge on the beach and soak in the sun all you want, but the true way to satisfy your craving for discovery is to dive

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A Wintertime Visit to Arlington, Texas
Arlington is the ideal destination for a getaway, no matter what season! With our mild wintertime weather, plentiful events and year-round activities, this North Texas city is just as exciting to visit in January and February as it is during summer o
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A Taste of Lake Oconee
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A True Hidden Gem, Texas Wine Is Budding, And Visitors Are Raising A Glass To The High Plains.
You may not think of West Texas when you think of wine, but you should. The High Plains grows 90% of Texas’ wine grapes. With a semi-arid climate similar to central Spain and the southern region of France, the conditions are ideal for growing wine gr