The internet has revolutionised genealogy. What used to be the dusty preserve of those willing to put in long hours (and travel long distances) is now open to anyone with a PC and internet connection. Reconnecting with your

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Ridiculous Tech
US$35, Yeah. We know your voice kinda sounds like Darth Vader when you are wearing a mask. It probably has something to do with the fact that Darth Vader’s helmet has a mask in it. While the makers of Akyon Silkyor never explicitly mention
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Anatomy Of A Drone
• Unless you crash your drone very neatly, you will usually just see this shell. It is the casing; the fuselage of the UAV. Bright colours really help you spot this from a distance. • You’ll see they’re twisted slightly. Rotors are not straight; they
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>>> Complications explained
Complications vary from face to face. In the Modular face the Date complication can’t be changed, just switched off. Lots of on-screen space means this is the most info-rich kind of complication. Here, we’re using the Dark Sky app. Complications ca