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The Bolt DUO is a smart device designed for iPhone that enables you to store your media directly to it rather than your phone’s internal memory. The accompanying app

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Amazon Echo
From $79 amazon.com.au With the latest Amazon Echo, we have the biggest design change in the six years since the Alexa smart speaker first appeared on the scene: cylinders are out, spheres are in. We’re going to be honest: we preferred the old cylin
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Given we’re facing a fairly locked down festive period, we could all do with a taste of the Caribbean right now. Fortunately, Bacardi has you covered, bringing you that bashment spirit, whether you’re more interested in spinning records or spinning l
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True Wireless Earbuds
Everyone wants true wireless headphones right now. We know from looking at sales data, and the fact that brands send us about 20 new pairs of the buggers every week. It wouldn’t be wildly off the mark to say that, more specifically, everyone wants Ap