This year, Xean Peake landed their first film role in The Confirmation, a short Danish film following the life of a transgender teen, Mathias. In the film, which is under Oscar consideration for Best Live Action Short Film, Mathias struggles with his transition in a country that doesn’t allow people to legally change their gender, or have confirmation surgery until they are 18.

Mathias also has to deal with the social

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Rafael Silva
“The diversity and inclusivity of [9-1-1: Lone Star] resonates with people because that’s what the world has always looked like,” states a confident Rafael Silva. “We’ve always looked Indigenous, we’ve always looked Muslim, we’ve always looked Black,
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Aushik Elendra
Focused. Considered. Determined. Yet flowing with humility and warm hospitality. These are the words you’d describe Kaushik Velendra, the Indian-born London-based designer who is reinventing everything you know about tailoring and power dressing. He
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Building Communities: How LGBTQ+ Creatives Are Bringing People Together
I’m a queer British Bangladeshi Muslim. Growing up in East London, living in some of the most diverse spaces in the UK, I’m used to being surrounded by people. Particularly within diaspora groups, community has been key as immigrant groups find their