Kiss My Genders already feels like a landmark exhibition. By filling its world-renowned Hayward Gallery with more than 100 artworks by around 30 queer artists active in the last 50 years, and building a strand of LGBTQ summer programming around it, London’s Southbank Centre is cementing its queer ally status and making a political statement. According to Guest Curator Vincent Honoré, “Kiss My Genders is a wonderful celebration welcoming the brilliant differences and the rich spectra of genders within our society.”

Here we speak to Honoré about the purpose and potential of Kiss My Genders, before finding out what inspired Jenkin van Zyl, the exhibition’s youngest artist, to fly to Morocco’s Atlas Mountains to make a “kaleidoscopic horror” film that’s gut-punchingly powerful.

Vincent Honoré.

A few weeks into the exhibition’s three-month run, I call Honoré, who’s based in Paris, to hear his take on why Kiss My Genders is so vital. “I think this exhibition is timely

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