o much of what we understand about ourselves is gleaned from the annals of history, but what story are we told about ourselves and our people when history is written by those who’ve not appreciated or acknowledged the tremendous contribution of queer people of colour? The modern LGBTQ liberation movement is littered with glittering stories of triumphant white people marching down the corridors of power towards wins in marriage and adoption, but what of those of us for whom marriage was never the goal? What about those for whom access to jobs, housing and the right to live violence-free lives were the focus? As we continue on in what feels like a never-ending fight for our humanity, it feels as important than ever

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Pop icon. Committed ally. Disco queen. If you were to hop into a TARDIS and land in the space above a stylish restaurant called Bluebird on King’s Road in London in the spring of 1994, chances are you’d stumble upon a 26-year-old Kylie Minogue in a l
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Miss Shalae
Birthed from the ballroom community, Miss Shalae has been redefining what it means to be a trans performer. Michell's Michaels aka Miss Shalae is more commonly known as a Beyonce impersonator that took social media by strom with her viral videos and
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As our cover star Shea Couleé once put it, this era of RuPaul’s Drag Race will forever be known as the “Melanin Dynasty”. Following the win of Jaida Essence Hall on season 12 and Shea’s long-awaited induction into the Hall of Fame, the first season o