The Art of Healing


It seemed like a crazy idea to agree to this adventurous, fast-paced journey from the southern tip of India up to the Himalayas. I was intrigued, but far from sure about my decision. Vaccinations, of which I am not fond, were needed as well as a visa. My application was the only one initially denied without any understandable reason. Despite this, I remember feeling deep down that I would be changed by this experience if I decided to go. Truthfully, I wasn’t sure I wanted that ... you know how we get comfortable in our lives and are reticent to allow in change? But in the end, my adventure to India, the wonderful people I met and the remarkable sites I saw, were a great gift. A wonderous seed was planted on this trip and grew into my connection to an energy healing art called Reiki, one of the most magnificent additions possible to my life.

Once we were in India, and after we had landed in Trivandrum (located on the south-western tip of India), we spent two nights in

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