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Environmental exposures early in life modify immune responses – effects visible even in adolescence

The prevalence of allergic diseases has increased significantly over the last decades, creating substantial financial and societal burdens. Due to this, researchers are trying to discover new approaches for the prevention and treatment of these diseases. A recent PhD thesis from the University of Eastern Finland shows that there is a link between immune responses and diverse early life exposures, such as obstetric

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The Art of Healing2 min gelesenMedical
Experts Urge Evaluation Of Diet At Routine Check-Ups
“Dietary patterns and quality are not sufficiently prioritised when addressing modifiable risk factors during regular health care office visits. Given the evidence that diet contributes to disease and mortality, it is a risk factor worth screening fo
The Art of Healing2 min gelesen
Editor’s Note
Hi again. How have you been going over the past three months? I know, very trying times in so many ways. There is so much uncertainty and change happening, it is very difficult to keep focussed and grounded sometimes – there are so many distractions!
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Mediterranean Diet: 4:1 Plant to Animal Food Ratio
To put this into context, think about the serving of animal protein such as meat or chicken that you would normally eat. If it covers half your plate, that portion of meat will be around 250–300 grams. If you usually have potatoes with your meat (esp