True Love


“Exes bravely loved former versions of ourselves that even we may look back at and cringe over.”

Sometimes, I dream about my ex. Yeah, I said it. And that statement comes with no extenuating circumstances, whatsoever. According to a study cited by the , those who grew up watching black and white television have been found to regularly dream in black and white. People

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True Love4 min gelesen
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Picture this scene: you are standing in the queue at Zara on the wrong side of payday with an exquisite item you absolutely must have. As you inch closer to the front of the line you start sweating slightly, wondering if you can really afford this pu
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In The Spotlight
I immediately felt a sense of belonging and happiness with my first-ever audition in high school. I remember going into grade eight at Parktown Girls High School and there being a frenzy about a major production that was taking place. A friend sugges
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Don’t Get Stuck On The Side Of The Road
I’m stuck, now what? According to Robyn Farrell, CEO of short-term insurance at Telesure Investment Holdings, the first thing you should do should your car break down is to switch on your hazard lights – so you are visible and don’t cause further ob