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Could you shed some light on the mindset behind naming the brand ‘FINGERS’?

FINGERS are the main connect between technology and the human mind. People consume digital technology with their FINGERS by touching, feeling, working, moving, carrying and playing with their gadgets. If you ponder a little more, we are sure, you make gestures with

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₹TBA, bang-olufsen.com It’s the little things that matter. Bang & Olufsen hasn’t reinvented the portable speaker with the Beolit 20, but they’ve further refined the already delectable Beolit 17 into a speaker you’ll just want to have around. Styled b
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The Alternatives
If you want premium VR, go for the Index: it has an 144Hz screen, better FOV and better tracking. But it’s still wired, needs base stations and a PC and is over three times the price. store. steampowered.com For those without cash to burn or a de
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Only a five-star review earn a product our prestigious Platinum Award We give this only to tech that stands out for stunning aesthetics or a clever build This award, and others like it, are given for exceptional performance in a key feature The