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A new book by David Musgrave of Waihi Bush Farm brings together a lot of health and nutrition information in 350 pages. Titled Take Charge of Your Happiness, Bellyfat and Sexiness, it’s written for women, but will have wide appeal. This extract shows the scope and the holistic approach of the book. David explains clearly how our bodies work (or don’t!), and recommends a ketogenic diet with good fats and oils, and reduced carbohydrates. Women in a focus group have reported good results from trialling his nine-day ‘rapid reset’ plan. The book is written around two basic premises: the three-legged stool, and what David calls the 13 ‘pancakes’.

How’s your three-legged stool?

Firstly, that not feeling well in any area of your life is caused by

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Email: Post: PO Box 9693, Marion Square, Wellington, 6141. I was surprised to see that avocados and citrus trees were not recommended for poultry runs (‘Keep your chooks in tiptop health’, Organic NZ Nov/Dec 2020). A few years
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By 1943 [creating humus] had become a matter of great discussion among garden experts (and the farming community) both in New Zealand and throughout the British Empire. The Compost Club, one of Guy Chapman’s organisations, led the charge, promoting t