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Pamper and refresh your crowning glory with these tried-and-tested treatments

Best Anti-Ageing Hair Treatment

TK TrichoKare Advanced Age Defying Hair Treatment, from $745.

This herbal hair remedy helps to promote hair growth as well as nourish hair follicles to fight five signs of ageing hair – thinning, greying, dry, brittle and lackluster hair.

Best Anti-Dandruff Treatment

Luxescalp Scalp Peeling Gel Treatment, from $88.

Using premium Chinese and Ayurvedic herbs, the treatment exfoliates away dead skin cell buildup and at the same time provide the essential hydration to your scalp to help prevent dandruff.

Best Bespoke Hair Treatment

BE Salon BEspoke Keratin Care, $300.

Ageing, environmental aggressors and

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