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SGT Khairina Abdul Hamid Ali

28, Assistant Crew Commander, Police Coast Guard

The difficulty of training for the Police Coast Guard is legendary – six months of basic police training is required on top of another three months of intense tactical preparation to safeguard Singapore’s territorial waters. Sergeant Khairina passed these with flying colours to become part of an elite contingent of officers who give their all to strengthen our maritime policing capabilities. She works 12-hour shifts patrolling off Singapore’s southern port waters from the Brani Regional Base.

Why did you choose this line of work?

“I love the freedom of the open seas and have a special interest in policing work from young. Choosing to work with the Police Coast Guard of the Singapore Police Force has helped me to achieve both these goals. While it may be risky, we’ve been trained with the appropriate skills and knowledge to ensure our safety on the job

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