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When we talk about hawker food, what do we most love to eat? These dishes won the team’s votes and then we asked Chef Ambrose Poh, of Allspice Institute cooking school, to share the recipes with us. Allspice Institute offers cooking classes as well as teambuilding sessions, and we’ve had our Domestic Diva Masterclasses at the school, too. A Peranakan, Chef Ambrose has cooked for dignitaries and royalty, so you know these dishes are going to be scrumptious. You can use your SkillsFuture credits to widen your cooking repertoire. For more, visit


Prep 30 mins | Cook 1½ hours | Serves 4


500 g white radish, peeled and grated
150 g rice flour
300 ml water
1 tsp salt
2 tbsps vegetable oil 1 tsp white pepper powder


2 tbsps sweet chai poh (preserved3 eggs, lightly beaten3 cloves garlic, chopped3 tbsps vegetable oil1 tsp fish sauce 1 tbsp chilli sambal and pepper to tasteChopped spring onion and coriander leaves for garnishing

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