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Dare to Bare

“My body doesn’t define my happiness”

– Ming Bridges, Musician & Founder, Rentadella

As a public figure, Ming’s body is under constant scrutiny and her fluctuating weight has been well documented in the media. Instead of distancing herself from the touchy subject of body image, the Singapore-based singer is using her position to empower other women to be comfortable in their own skin. The 26-year-old reveals, “I still have days when I look at myself and I see my stretch marks or saggy boobs and feel unhappy but then, I’ll also make a conscious choice not to have these thoughts, and remind myself that my body doesn’t define my happiness.”

Did you have past struggles with how your body looked?

“It began after I joined the entertainment industry and I was told to lose weight for the very first time in 2012. I was slim growing up so I never really thought much about my body, but I became more and more body conscious after that comment.

I had also joined social media around that

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