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Riva 88’ Folgore
Riva 88’ Folgore was launched on Monday, 25th May in La Spezia, where the production facility dedicated to the 76-to-110-foot models is based. It is the first launch of a new Riva model at the time of Covid-19 and celebrates the non-stop activity of
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Bonollo Timone
Tète de Cuvée Grappa Riserva is made up of seven blends of grappa created by masters of distillery from the Bonollo Umberto Distillerie in Padua.They have always been a point of reference in terms of quality for grappa buffs.The Grappa Riserva is a d
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Dynamiq Gtm 90 Klassen Edition
The 27.5 metre yacht is entirely built in aluminium alloys based on a sporty hull designed by Van Oossanen Naval architects to sail in any weather, to entertain and satisfy the requisites of owners from all over the world. “By today’s standards a mai